How to Keep Your Pool Water Clean and Clear

How to Keep Your Pool Water Clean and Clear

Five signs that it's time to get a new spa pump

by Cassandra Caldwell

With summer well underway, keeping your pool or hot tub maintained and functioning is an absolute necessity. Few things are more disappointing than getting in your swimsuit on a hot December day only to realise that the spa is out of commission, more often than not because the spa pump needs repairing. This is because a hot tub's components go through quite a lot of wear and tear over their life spans and following regular usage. To keep your family satisfied, there a number of warning signs you should look out for over the next few months. If any of these strike, and you've had your pump for a period longer than five years, it's usually a better idea to replace your pump with a completely new one, rather than attempt to repair the old one. Reparation costs are usually not worth it since the pump may malfunction again. Newer pumps are also comparatively cheaper in the long term and generally more efficient and quiet.

1. Poor water pressure

If your hot tub's water pressure is low, it may be because debris is blocking the pump's propeller from turning. Check your pump to see if anything has snuck in there. If it's not possible to remove the debris on your own, it's time to consult a professional about your next course of action.

2. The spa's leaking

There are two reasons your spa's pump may be leaking: loose frames or a malfunctioning pump seal. You can attempt to fix this leakage by checking and re-securing your pump's o-rings and frames. If this doesn't help, you may need to replace the pump. Be sure to get a new pump seal as well. 

3. Overheating

A spa's pump may overheat in overly hot weather, if it's left running for too long, or when there's not enough clean air making its way through the motor. If your motor is overheating, there may be a problem that you need to examine. 

4. Weird sounds

A telltale sign of a faulty spa pump is the continued presence of strange noises, like humming. This may suggest that the motor and its bearings are corroded or worn and require replacement. At the same time, examine the pump for loose bolts and screws, as this may also be causing the noise.

5. The motor just isn't working

Perhaps the most obvious sign of a problem is when the motor doesn't function properly or at all when you turn it on. Double check that the power switch is working, and examine the motor for burned out wires, failing relays or other damage.

If the time comes, although it's possible to replace a pump on your own with a little bit of research, it may be best to consult a professional spa technician from a company like PPS Service. They will ensure that you get the best pump you possibly can and may provide maintenance tips to improve its longevity.


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How to Keep Your Pool Water Clean and Clear

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