How to Keep Your Pool Water Clean and Clear

How to Keep Your Pool Water Clean and Clear

Pool Fencing Options for Your Home

by Cassandra Caldwell

Pool fencing is essential for domestic pools, with many insurance companies requiring sufficient fencing in order to validate an insurance policy. Pool fencing is a necessary requirement with good reason; in 68% of domestic pool drowning deaths in under five year olds across Australia, pool fencing was either not present at all, or was found to be faulty.

The recommended height of any pool balustrade is 4ft, with a structure that is difficult for a child to climb. Within these recommendations there are many designs of pool fencing and balustrades that, depending on your requirements and preferences, would suit your needs.

Vertical Bar Fencing

Vertical bar pool fencing or balustrades are versatile and cost effective, with the properties of each fence dependent on the material it is made from.

Consisting of vertical bars, this pool fencing offers the most versatility when it comes to the materials it can be made from. Before choosing from the possible materials—that include aluminium, wood, vinyl, or wrought iron—it is necessary to consider what you need from the fencing, how much time you can dedicate to its maintenance, and how susceptible the material is to damage.

Both aluminium and wrought iron fencing offer long-lasting options that do not obstruct the view of the pool. However, in order to keep it looking its best, wrought iron will need to be regularly treated in order to prevent it from rusting.

Wooden vertical bar fencing offers a wide scope of colours and styles, but the way these fences are constructed leads to the obstruction of the view of the pool.

Glass Panel Fencing

Glass panel fencing, as framed or frameless balustrades, is a beautiful option that creates a stunning feature around the pool, as well as providing the necessary safety benefits. Made from tempered glass, glass panel fencing is strong and long-lasting. It can, however, be difficult to keep this glass clean, and this form of balustrade is a more costly option than vertical bar fencing. Where glass panel fencing is erected, it can create a seamless barrier between garden and pool, adding a stunning design feature to a pool area.

Mesh Fencing

Mesh pool fencing is often removable, making it the ideal choice for pool owners looking to have a temporary, yet safe, option for securing their pool. Easy to move and use, cost-effective and versatile, mesh fencing is an option worth exploring for those looking for effective pool safety fencing.

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right style of pool fencing or balustrade for your property, which means that no matter what your requirements, there is bound to be a type of fencing right for you and your home. 


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How to Keep Your Pool Water Clean and Clear

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