How to Keep Your Pool Water Clean and Clear

How to Keep Your Pool Water Clean and Clear

7 Swimming Pool Toys for Adults That You Never Knew You Needed

by Cassandra Caldwell

Tired of watching kids have all the fun in your pool? Sick of your guests passing on a swim at summer dinner parties? Feel like you should be getting more from your investment? There are plenty of swimming pool 'toys' for the more mature swimmer that you can buy to make sure your getting the most out of your swimming pool.

The Floating Pool Bar

There are many different variations of floating pool bars; some come with attached floating seats, some with umbrellas, and some even have internal sound systems and lights, but almost all have a cooler and several drink pockets—enough to have a great night!

Floating Esky

Is a floating pool bar too extravagant for you? A simple floating esky can do the job alone. Most even come with drink pockets, to avoid the common case of drinks being kicked from the pool's edge.

The Floating Beer-Pong Table

Essentially an inflatable, flat pool chair with cup pockets, floating beer-pong tables can make you feel younger again and will turn any pool party into more of an actual party in a classier way than crowding around a cheap, white, fold-out table.

Floating Yoga Mat

Getting tired of completing your yoga poses in the same old room or ruining your yoga mat by taking it outside? Try pool yoga! Balancing on a floating yoga mat while posing is also sure to improve your technique.

The Floating Wireless Speaker

Have you ever felt like the music coming from your speaker sounds too quiet from in the pool? Then you should get one in the pool—a waterproof and battery powered one, of course! With music transmitted to it from an out of pool transmitter, having a floating wireless speaker is sure to keep your electronics safe. Some floating speakers even have inbuilt lights!

The Floating Poker Table

Feel like betting your mate a drink that you can beat them in poker, but it's too hot to leave the pool? Then a floating poker table is the perfect solution to your problem. Most generally also come with everything waterproofed, even the playing cards.

Floating drinking glasses

Whether in your pool, or just in the bath, a floating glass is perfect for when you're too lazy to reach up to a solid surface for your drink. However, if you'd prefer a goofier aesthetic over elegance, there are also miniature pool floaties designed for drinks, which will do the same job.


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How to Keep Your Pool Water Clean and Clear

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