How to Keep Your Pool Water Clean and Clear

How to Keep Your Pool Water Clean and Clear

Residential Pool: Extending the Lifespan of the Vinyl Liner

by Cassandra Caldwell

There are numerous advantages attached to choosing a vinyl swimming pool for your residential property instead of alternatives such as concrete and fibreglass. The vinyl construction option is considerably inexpensive due to the low-cost supplies and reduced labour requirements. Therefore, it is ideal for most homeowners. This pool type also presents more shape and design possibilities, so you can install a unique structure that perfectly matches your needs.

On the other hand, vinyl liner pools require considerable care and maintenance during and after installation. Negligence of the feature will cause accelerated damage of the liner, and subsequent repairs or replacement can be expensive. Diligent and regular maintenance will extend the lifespan of the liner as well as the long-term pool performance. Here are some critical guidelines on essential vinyl liner pool-care practices to help you achieve these benefits.

Water-Chemistry Maintenance

The balance of the chemicals in the pool is an important factor to consider when planning on maximising the lifespan of your vinyl liner. If the water chemistry is poorly balanced or managed, the vinyl liner will be deteriorate and eventually fail. You should check the pH level of the water regularly using a specialised testing kit from local stores. Maintain this chemical parameter at the level recommended by your vinyl liner supplier or contractor.

In simple terms, the water should not be acidic or too alkaline because this will lead to liner corrosion. The chlorine levels should also be stringently managed. Too much chlorine will cause the liner to get wrinkles while low levels will promote algae growth. Additionally, when adding pool chemicals to your water system, you should put in one a time. If multiple chemicals are added at the same time, they will react before dilution, causing liner bleaching and damage.

Cleaning Practices

You should uphold proper cleaning practices for better vinyl pool maintenance. In general, it is not advisable to use normal household cleaners in the pool. These are often harsh and cause deterioration of the structure. Instead, acquire specialty cleaners from the pool store. You should not completely empty the pool because this will desiccate and change the structure of the liner. If you plan to close the pool for a while, ensure that the structure is cleaned and vacuumed.

Professional Renovations

Finally, you should engage professional contractors if your vinyl pool liner sustains damage or starts degrading. Inspect the entire pool regularly and take note of any anomalies. Early intervention of aesthetic and structural problems will provide better chances for complete restoration.


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How to Keep Your Pool Water Clean and Clear

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