How to Keep Your Pool Water Clean and Clear

How to Keep Your Pool Water Clean and Clear

Pool Maintenance: Simple Tips to Keeping Your Pool Functional

by Cassandra Caldwell

To ensure that your pool maintains its lustre, you need to engage in the proper maintenance measures. Not only do these maintenance measures function to keep the pool water free of microbes, but it also keeps the structure of the pool itself in good condition for a prolonged period. However, not many homeowners know that they can engage in pool maintenance on their own, assuming that this is something they should always enlist professional services for. Although professional cleaning and maintenance are essential once in a while, there are a number of measures that you could carry out on your own. Below are some simple tips that you could use to keep your pool functional.

Tip 1: Ensure all debris is removed from the pool

Debris, in the form of plant matter, is bound to make its way into your swimming pool. If this debris is left to accumulate, it has a high chance of drifting into the filtration system, and this can cause a myriad of pool problems. To prevent this, it is best to carry out an inspection of the pool water on a day-to-day basis to spot any debris that may be either floating on the surface or that has sunk to the bottom of the pool. Use a pool net to take out all this debris. You should also have a closer look into the pool filter to ensure that not stray debris is lingering inside it. If your pool is not in use, it is recommended to invest in a pool cover that will keep debris out.

Tip 2: Routinely check your water levels

Another important aspect of pool maintenance is ensuring that it retains the appropriate water level. A misconception that some people may have is that water level is only crucial to ensure buoyancy in the swimming pool. The fact of the matter is that these water levels are essential to ensure that your swimming pool has the right chemical balance. If the chemical balance is off, then your swimming pool water will become susceptible to the growth of algae, microbes, bacteria and an array of other microorganisms. Pool water levels are also supposed to stay at optimum in order to facilitate the proper functioning of pool equipment. If the levels are low, insufficient water will be passing through the pump, the pool filter and other components, and this could cause them to function inefficiently.

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How to Keep Your Pool Water Clean and Clear

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