How to Keep Your Pool Water Clean and Clear

How to Keep Your Pool Water Clean and Clear

Four Ways A Pool Builder Can Upgrade Your Pool

by Cassandra Caldwell

A pool builder can upgrade your pool in a number of ways. These upgrades can improve the look and functionality of your swimming pool and make it more enjoyable to use. If you are considering upgrading your pool, then here are four ways a pool builder can upgrade your pool.

1. A Pool Builder Can Upgrade Your Pool Decking  

If you have a wooden deck around your pool, a pool builder can replace it with a resin or composite deck. Resin and composite decks are more durable than wooden decks, which means they'll last longer and require less upkeep. You'll also find that resin and composite decks are easier to clean and maintain than wood, so you won't have to worry about splinters or rot.

2. A Pool Builder Can Upgrade Your Fence 

If you want to improve the safety of your pool, there are all kinds of safety features available today that weren't around when some older pools were built. Most of these come in the form of fences that prevent young children from wandering out onto the deck or into the water on their own accord. Today, there are gates with alarms or doors that lock behind them automatically when closed (as well as plenty of other options). These fences can also be made partially transparent so they don't completely block out views or light from inside the house — but they still provide enough privacy for adults who don't want to worry about children wandering around outside unsupervised.

3. A Pool Builder Can Add New Features To Your Pool Like A Slide

Pool slides are a great way to add some fun and excitement to your pool. Many pools are built with a slide, but it's not always included in the initial design. If you want to add one, though, your pool builder can help you determine whether or not this is possible. This can involve taking measurements and making sure there's enough space for a slide without cutting into anything else — like the deck or patio area around the pool itself.

4. A Pool Builder Can Improve Your Lighting System 

A swimming pool builder can improve your lighting system by adding new features or upgrading existing ones. Swimming pools often have lots of different kinds of lighting features built into them, such as underwater lights, spotlights, and more. When used correctly, these lighting features can help to transform a dull backyard into something spectacular! A swimming pool builder can help you decide which type of lighting would be best for your needs and install it properly so that it looks great for years to come without causing any damage to the structure or surrounding area.

If any of the above pool upgrades sound like something you'd like to explore, contact a swimming pool builder today for more information. 


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How to Keep Your Pool Water Clean and Clear

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