How to Keep Your Pool Water Clean and Clear

How to Keep Your Pool Water Clean and Clear

  • Pool Fencing Options for Your Home

    Pool fencing is essential for domestic pools, with many insurance companies requiring sufficient fencing in order to validate an insurance policy. Pool fencing is a necessary requirement with good reason; in 68% of domestic pool drowning deaths in under five year olds across Australia, pool fencing was either not present at all, or was found to be faulty. The recommended height of any pool balustrade is 4ft, with a structure that is difficult for a child to climb.

  • Five signs that it's time to get a new spa pump

    With summer well underway, keeping your pool or hot tub maintained and functioning is an absolute necessity. Few things are more disappointing than getting in your swimsuit on a hot December day only to realise that the spa is out of commission, more often than not because the spa pump needs repairing. This is because a hot tub's components go through quite a lot of wear and tear over their life spans and following regular usage.

  • Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Lap Pool

    If you like exercising in water, a lap pool may be the best choice for you. A lap pool is also a good choice if you have limited space on your property because, unlike other types of pools, a lap pool is designed to be narrow and long. The location of the pool is one of the major considerations you will have when thinking about installing a lap pool. To make sure you choose the most suitable site, here are some tips you should consider.

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How to Keep Your Pool Water Clean and Clear

I love my swimming pool. There is nothing better than spending a long summer's day by the side of the pool, taking the occasional dip to cool off. I also like to exercise in my pool before I start work. It really wakes me up and gets me going for the day. However, I had a bit of a shock when I uncovered my pool after a long winter. The water had turned a funny green colour. I called in a pool contractor and they explained that the water was out of balance and needed to be shocked and cleaned. Since then, I have learnt all about how best to care for my pool water. I have started this blog to let others know how they can look after their swimming pool.